Product Image Info

February 04, 2016

We recommend that you chose one shape for all your product images on your site.  Squares work best for most things. Rectangles (portrait) works well for clothing if your using a model or mannequin. Rectangles (landscape) works well if your have large items like sofas.

*Note: Many stores sell a variety of items, clothing, jewelry, furniture etc., but still use only one shape for all their images. Below are a few examples.

Example Sites:

  • Sundance uses a square for all images.
  • Anthropologie uses a rectangle (portrait) on all images. 
  • OneKingsLane uses a rectangle (landscape) on all images.

Shopify Links and Cheatsheet:

2048 x 2048 is the largest Shopify allows for product images. Best to upload the largest. Shopify will re-size the master image to the sizes listed below.


  • 32x32 icon
  • 50x50 thumb
  • 100x100 small
  • 160x160 compact
  • 240x240 medium
  • 480x480 large
  • 600x600 grande
  • 1024x1024 1024x1024
  • 2048x2048 2048x2048
  • master largest image (2048x)


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