Editions Winter 2024 is here... have you implemented any new features? We can help!

Editions Winter 2024 is here... have you implemented any new features? We can help!

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Why Shopify & tCd Digital?

Why Shopify?

  • Shopify makes it easy to build and manage your online store
  • Shopify handles all the hassles of ecommerce, perfect for beginners and experts alike. With themes created by world-renowned designers, you'll love how your website looks on Shopify
  • Every template comes with its own intuitive settings so you can quickly and easily customize every facet of your storefront
  • Simple to use, keep your customers & search engines happy with an easy to update dashboard: add new products, update content, blogs, slideshow images, sales, promotions and more
  • Responsive Design


What We Specialize In:

  • Theme customization using the theme settings and small amounts of coding to create an online store you can easily manage on your own
  • We believe in functionality first, a beautiful design still needs to work
  • Responsive Design
  • With over 15 years of experience in eCommerce and retail, we specialize in convergence commerce -- integrating the web, mobile, social and in-store experience
  • Our focus is finding creative solutions for companies, both large and small, using the latest emerging technologies


A Few Simple Rules:

  • KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid :)
  • GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out! Start with quality assets, end with a quality site!
  • Good, fast, cheap - pick any two:

    You can have good and fast, but it won’t be cheap.

    You can have good and cheap, but it won’t be fast.

    You can have fast and cheap, but it won’t be good.

  • Balance function and form